KISS Collectibles and Rare Merchandise Photos

I've tried to compile a gallery of some of the more rare KISS collectables but I've also got photos of the common merchandise still available today.
If you've got a rarity or a custom KISS item, send it in! Photos must be in .gif or .jpg format and be no larger than 2mb in size. To email a rare KISS collectible
photo CLICK HERE. To get a better view of any one, click the thumbnail to enlarge it in a new window.

KISS Rare and Not-So-Rare Collectibles Photo Gallery

Kiss Cards

Creatures Sign

Ace Necklace


Destroyer Puzzle

Glitter Iron-Ons

Honda Kiss-Cycle

Makeup Kit

Love Gun Puzzle

KISS Rub n Play

Stick Pin


Alive Worldwide Ornament

KISS Throw Rug

Original Lunchbox

KISS Ornament


KISS Playing Cards

KISS Coins

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