Left Hand Gibson Explorers

Are you a left hand guitarist in the market for a lefty Explorer?
Keep looking... because they are not manufacturing any in the near future.

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Gibson currently does not make any lefthanded Explorers. You may get lucky on eBay or maybe at a used instrument store, but chances are you won't. From a friend of a friend I was told that there was a limited number of Explorers built from 1983 - 1988. I have seen one of these classics first hand so I know they are out there.

I have checked out the site Explorer Guitars and they do have a section for left handed versions. The only problem is they appear to be looking for the elusive lefthanded Explorer guitar also. They also started a left handed Explorer petition. Another option for the lefty seems to be a custom Explorer. There are quite a few manufacturers who will create a custom Explorer copy if you've got the money, of course. There's also a company located in Australia called "Gaskell Guitars" who make lefty Explorers. Good luck.

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